Facial Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

As I’ve gotten older aged gracefully I’ve learned a few things about beauty.

Beauty is only skin deep - false


You can always rely on Dwight to tell it like it is.  And, while Dwight is correct, he has missed a very important point.

Makeup can fix all that.  You can use highlights and contour to enhance your muscle and bone structure.  While I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about makeup with you I want to talk about that important point he failed to discuss first…

I want to show a picture of someone I believe to be a beautiful person.

Face Contouring Tutorial


I have learned to love this person just as she is.  That doesn’t mean I am full of myself nor does it imply that I don’t LOVE wearing makeup.  Quite the contrary, I have days where I am constantly beating myself up over silly imperfections.  And as far as makeup is concerned, I have loved reading about makeup since I was a pre-teen and I have experimented and practiced different techniques since before I could wear anything but clear mascara.

The simple fact is, I wear makeup because it only enhances how I already feel about myself and gives me more confidence.  Deep down, once the makeup is removed, I am the same person.  I am the wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, baker, volunteer, Primary Counselor, blogger…daughter of GOD.

Women (and men) are bombarded with images of what our society considers “perfection”.  I have seen young girls strive for something that is literally unattainable and that is so heartbreaking.  I was once that girl, as many of us were at some point in our lives, trying to fit a mold thinking if I could just have a smaller waist, less freckles (which I totes LOVE now), bigger eyelashes then surely I would be more loveable.

There is much more to being loveable and feeling loved than makeup and bone structure.  We are on this earth to become better.  To learn to love one another, no matter our differences.  Everyone has struggles.  Everyone has trials.  Everyone feels lonely or unloved at times.  I hope that in the process of loving others for who they are you feel loved in return.  It is that pure love that continues to burn long after our looks have changed, the popularity contests are over, and we are left with just our choices that we’ve made over the course of our lives.

I choose to love.  To serve.  To truly embrace those around me for who they are and not who I think they should be.

And I choose to wear makeup…which I will teach you about now.  In case you couldn’t tell, that was my attempt at a segway.  Soooooo….quick review: love others for who they are and feel good about yourself while doing it.  Unless makeup makes you feel terrible in which case please disregard the following. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd we’re good.

When it comes to highlighting and contouring your face there are like a bazillion plus1 tutorials out there on the web.  I combed through at least half of them.  I also tried a slew of products before I got my routine down.

My first step consists of these products…

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com


Lotion first!  It preps your skin and keeps you from drying out and sucking up all of your product.  Plus, it will give you a smoother finish.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com

If you have never tried a primer before DO IT!!!  Cheese and sprinkles.  It’s the best thing ever and will actually help your foundation last longer.  They are worth the cost.  Smashbox has a number or primers to choose from.  I suggest you head to a beauty counter (such as Sephora) and ask questions to find the one that suits you best.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com

My mom got me started with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and I will not go without it.  Again, worth the cost because it creates a smooth finish around your eyes that your shadow and liner will stick to without wiping off.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com


Second step…concealer and foundation.  Here is where you can start saving a little money.  I was totally skeptical with elf products because they were so dang cheap.  Ya know what!? Just go for it.  I’m hooked on their concealer.  I’m also hooked on Clinique.  Always have been, always will.  The end.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com


Now move on to the highlighting of your face.  As I mentioned before there are bajillions of tutorials.  You do need to customize yours to the shape of your face however, the triangles under the eyes and highlighting your nose are universal.  I liked this article with regards to face shape.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com

To highlight you basically want a foundation/concealer color 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.  If you have really fair skin like I do finding a foundation/concealer color that is 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone is nearly impossible.  I found my set of Graftobian Ultra Lites Palette on Amazon.  LOOOOOVE it.

Face Contouring Tutorial-26

When I am done highlighting under my eyes, as you can see from the above pictures, I set it with a loose powder by dabbing the end of my sponge with powder and gently pressing under my eyes.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com


Next is contouring.  I use a bronzer to contour the areas of my face that need it by making a series of fish faces.  I then apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, blending upward, by making a ridiculously huge smile.  If your cheeks don’t hurt after you’re done than you did it wrong.

Face Contouring Tutorial-11


The last step before I add mascara and eyeshadow is highlighting under my eyebrow, the inside corner of my eyes, and filling in my brows.  To highlight my eyes I use L’OREAL shadow called seashell.  Basically look for a light shadow based on your skin tone.

Face Contouring Tutorial-19



The picture below is my basic arsenal of colors that use everyday.  Eyeshadow, liner, mascara.  Then a light gloss on my lips.  Unless I’m feeling daring and go for a red lip.  Rawr.

Face Contouring Tutorial ohscratch.com

I hope this was helpful and/or entertaining.  I sure love the new tricks I’ve learned.  Both with age and with makeup.  Let me know if you give it a try!

Face Contouring Tutorial-23


  1. I like this post. I keep hearing women who are militant about being “all-natural” (no makeup, no shaving, no hair color, etc) and they are derisive towards people who want to wear makeup to enhance they way the look, calling them “fake”. And then I hear from the other side who have a tendency to condemn women who don’t choose to wear makeup and style their hair all the time as “slobs”. It is refreshing to see someone who is OK with both sides of the coin! Most of the time I only wear mascara and a little eye shadow, but every once in a while (especially if I’m going to be photographed) I like to get fully made up…I love myself both ways, but the older I get the more I need a little touch up to feel put together and presentable on special occasions, this tutorial is great for that, thank you!

    • Exactly! You nailed it. It’s fun to get dolled up and on the days I don’t that’s okay too. It’s all about your own personal preference and not judging others who do something different. We are all beautiful…no matter the package.

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